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I Really Lost It
Saturday, January 22, 2005

Lost DetailsI'm working on another Aran sweater. This one is by Norah Gaughan from Interweave Knits winter 01/02. I'm using Grey Heather Patons Decor. There is a not so funny story about this sweater. I started it months ago and as I neared the end of the first ball of yarn I discovered I couldn't find the rest of the yarn I bought to finish the project. I searched everywhere. I looked through my huge pile of stash several times. I searched under my bed and through every closet (and we have many closets, more than you'd expect in a New York apartment). I looked every where. I even asked my grandma if I had left a bag of grey yarn at her house. No dice. I came to the shocking realization that I had to buy more yarn.

I Really Lost ItI went back to P&S fabrics, where I bought the yarn originally, because I thought they might have some of the same dye lot. But when I got there it was closed. A guy eating take-out chinese in front of a neighboring store saw my befuddled expression and told me they were closed for the holiday. It was one of the Jewish holidays in the fall. I forgot. P&S is closed from sundown Friday till Sunday morning and all the Jewish holy days. So I went home empty handed. I called P&S to find out when they were going to be open again. It wasn't until the next week. So I waited. The next time I went I called first, just to make sure they would be open. But the answering machine informed me that they were closed due to a death in the family and that they'd remain closed for two weeks. Of course, P&S isn't the only yarn store in New York City, but it's the only one I go to that sells Patons and Lion Brand and all the cheap yarns I like. So I waited. And waited. And waited. When they finally reopened, I went. Of course they didn't have any of the dye lot left, so I bought seven skeins of a different dye lot. At first I was going to just continue knitting what I had already started. But the original piece had a couple of inches where I knit the fancy rib all wrong, so I decided to start from the beginning. I used the old piece to make my helmet hat and hand warmers.

Tonight I finished the back. Now all I have left are the two fronts, two sleeves, and, of course, finishing. I figure I'll be done with it just in time for summer, that is, unless I lose the rest of the yarn.

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My guess is that you'll find the originally bought yarn just any day now! At least that's what keeps happening to me! Good look with the aran project!

By Blogger Unknown, at 3:04 PM  

Nice texture on the swatch.. I think I remember this pattern, but can you show a picture of the whole sweater? I'd love to see it!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:39 PM  

Here's a picture of the original "Tweedy Aran Cardigan" By Norah Gaughan from Interweave Knits Winter 01/02.

By Blogger Unknown, at 1:20 AM  

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