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Helmet Head
Thursday, July 06, 2006

Helmet HatI've been crocheting up a storm. I'm really liking it, which is weird because I like the way most knitted fabric looks better than crochet, except in a few instances. I like crocheted hats, lace, and certain sturdy stitches used for purses and bags. I haven't seen that many crocheted garments I'd want to make, except lacy things like a camisole or an open stitch sweater, and since I'm not adept enough to attempt a sweater yet, I'm going to stick to bags and hats. They're quick to make and infinitely useful.

I just finished another hat last night. It's the Helmet Hat from Vogue Knitting on the Go: Crocheted Hats. I modified it a little by not adding the braided edging and earflap ties. If I'm bored later, I might add that stuff, but for now I like it simple. I used Bernat Satin, a no-dye lot acrylic I bought for amigurumi-making. It's a warm camel that I really like, although Kyle wanted to know why I made a hat the same color as my skin. Silly man, he can't tell the difference between camel and tan! Satin is a soft and shiny yarn and I really dig it, yarn snobs be damned.

Earflap helmets are a good style for me. They encase my head and tamp my curls down a bit. This style would have come in handy back in the days when I had a short flapper bob, which I used to blow-fry straight every day. After spending thirty minutes torturing my hair with a blow-drier and a round brush, I would pull on a tight winter hat (never mind if it was summer) and keep it on until it was time to leave the house. Ah, it feels so good not to have to deal with such nonsensical behavior any more! But this hat sure would have come in handy.

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I really love your glasses and the hat.

By Blogger Christina B., at 5:31 PM  

Hi. It's my first time visit your knitting blog, and I am happy to see some of the nice projects you've done. Btw, my name is Angela, too.

By Blogger NostalgicKnot, at 6:19 PM  

Thanks Angela. I just checked out your site. You rock!

By Blogger Unknown, at 6:46 PM  

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