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Monday, December 19, 2005

I've been knitting like a fiend lately. It's very strange, since my urge to knit had been dormant for many months. I guess it has something to do with the time of year. December is cold--wool is warm. I also haven't been hiking around Brooklyn taking pictures every day. I guess I can only be obsessed with one thing at a time. Summer was the time for photography, now is the time for knitting.

Reconfigured RaglanThis weekend I made a sweater, Norah Gaughan's "Reconfigured Raglan". I downloaded the pattern off of the Interweave Knits website a long time ago and the pdf doesn't have the issue listed, so I can't tell you when it's from. It's a big mock neck raglan with an interesting ribbed motif center front and back. I made it with two strands of Filatura Lanarota "Puno", which I picked up at the annual Smiley's Yarns blow-out sale. Puno is 100% alpaca--nice and soft. I got twenty balls for $60. I was going to make something else with it, something complicated with many cables, but I've been on an "easy knit" kick lately, and I'd been eyeing the Reconfigured Raglan for a long time. It's the first sweater I've finished in a while and of course it doesn't fit. Not that I did anything wrong, it's actually the right size. I just measured it and it matches the schematic perfectly. The problem is me. I'm five foot one. I have to hem every pair of pants I buy, sometimes even the petite ones. And this sweater is supposed to be long. The girl modeling it is wearing it with a skirt and boots. It goes way past her butt, maybe mid thigh. It looks so cute on her. It looks like a dress on me. I always mean to shorten things while I'm knitting, but for some reason I'm paranoid to do it. Next time I should just use smaller needles. There might actually be a next time for this one: it only took three days to knit and I really like the style.

I also picked up my "Tweedy Aran Cardigan" again. I'm on front piece #2. It's definitely not an easy knit. It's not insanely hard, it just requires a lot of attention, especially since now, aside from keeping track of two different cable panels and side shaping, I have to remember to make button holes.

I also made a "Stashbuster Stole" (pattern courtesy of Knitter's Review). I used a strand of recycled burgundy chenille and Lionbrand Imagine in Cerise. Who knows when it will actually be finished, since I need two buttons. Maybe I'll take a trip to P&S this week and get some.

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I find that I go through phases with knitting as well... I usually feel the urge to start knitting sometime in September when the baseball series are going on... Though, last year I tapered off right after they ended cause I was busy with other things... but this year I've been obsessively knitting since September... Though, I didn't knit much in the last month due to school stuff.

By Blogger Nikkiana, at 1:59 AM  

I love Lion Brand's Imagine! And with chenille, for a stole, huh? OOOOHHH.

Can't wait to see a picture of it whenever it's done!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:59 PM  

Hi! I work with Kyle who mentioned your website. Love the URL (and its history) and the site. Re: the Reconfigured Raglan---one of 559 items on my wish list---don't be paranoid about shortening it. Whatever you do, don't(!) move to a smaller needle---you will compromise overall fit. May I recommend Deborah Newton's Designing Knitwear and Priscilla Gibson Roberts' Knitting in the Old Way? Also, Beth Brown Reinsels' Knitted Ganseys (garment specific). Paranoia? What's that? Happy Knitting!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:00 AM  

Hi there. I know you knitted this a long time ago, but I'm wondering if you still have the pdf of this pattern. I downloaded it a while back, but moved and left my patterns folder in storage. It feels like winter is closing in fast here and I'd really like to make a sweater to cozy up in. Thanks! diane.

By Blogger dp, at 1:39 PM  

The pattern appeared in Interweave Knits's Fall, 2001 issue, according to the IK web site. Cheers!

By Blogger Robin, at 1:03 PM  

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