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What Rhymes with Amigurumi?
Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm a knitter. I like to knit. I like the way knitted fabric looks. It can be strong and stiff or silky and fluid. It can be striped, textured or lacy. Knitting comes naturally to me.

Looks Like Someone I Know...Crochet, however, doesn't. I don't know why, but I never really picked up on it. I get confused as to where I'm supposed to insert the hook. When you knit, you usually knit the next stitch on the left needle, when you crochet it's all up in the air. At least it seems like that to me. Besides, I don't really like the way crocheted fabric looks, other than lacy things or afghans. But then I started seeing these little crocheted dolls on the internet, they're called "amigurumi" which, I understand, means "crochet doll" (or something to that effect) in Japanese. I wanted to learn how to make one, so I pulled out the one crochet book I own and scrutinized the how-to Headless Chihuahuadiagrams, then scoured the internet for instructions on how to crochet a sphere. I then set about crocheting my very own amigurumi. After two days of painstaking hookwork, I ended up with a pink cat. It looks suspiciously like Katbot, without the antennae, of course. It's not perfect, and I can see about a hundred glaring mistakes, but I was pleased enough to embark on my next amigurumi, a chihuahua. Lulu can't wait to sink her pointy little teeth into it.

I also bought two amigurumi pattern booklets from Roxycraft. I haven't made any of them yet, but they're way cool. I especially like the Valentine's bunny.

The best thing about crocheting amigurumi: the only stitch I need to know is single crochet!

The other reason I want to learn how to crochet is because I saw a super cool shrug pattern in a new sewing magazine called "Cutting Edge". At first glance I thought it was knit, so I plunked down five bucks for the darn thing. Boy howdy was I mad when I realized it was crochet! Grrrr!!!

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Ok, that animal book is a must-buy!

By Blogger Jen, at 12:53 AM  

I like knitted fabric more too...for the same reasons as you.
I started crocheting things first, but learned to knit because I wanted to make sweater. I'd never wear a crocheted sweater...well, like you, I only like the lacy crocheted stuff.

By Blogger Nik, at 6:44 PM  

I am the same, but opposite.
I crochet, I made a sweater for my husband, but I dont like the crochet look. So, why not pick up knitting? no biggy right? boy was I wrong!! I just cant get it right. but I will master it, i will!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:04 PM  

It takes practice, practice, practice! Good luck!

By Blogger Unknown, at 7:53 AM  

Welcome to the dark side.
Actually, not only is crochet good for lacy stuff, it also works a bit better for stuffed animals and dolls.
That's my opinion anyway. I both knit and crochet, and have never really been able to make a knitted doll that didn't look, well, just wrong. ;)
Good luck, and keep practicing.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:33 PM  

Where did you get that Chihuahua pattern? I soooo need to make one of those for my lil dog.
I think crochet is easy, it's knitting that's hard and learning to knit first makes crochet harder because you expect it to be more complicated. The good thing about crochet is it's sooo easy to rip out and start again! When I first started knitting that's what stressed me out the most, I couldn't "see" my stitches and I couldn't just rip it all out like crochet, tinking came really hard for me and taking things off the needles made me sooo nervous.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:15 AM  

Heya.. i love those little crochet animals! Have you found any good websites because i get confused aswell!! ahh

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:17 AM  

I found knit amigurumi patterns at craftyalien.com. They're really cute and the patterns are easy to follow. I'm finishing up the fox now.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:29 PM  

I think you did a good job, and where DID you find the chihuahua pattern it's cute.


I am wanting to start this amigurumi. I used to only crochet but now I like to knit.. I started continental style (hold wool in left hand) and it is like crochet for speed.---single crochet is good and less concentration.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:20 AM  

I am working a chihuahua right now. My first ever amigurumi and my first time crocheting because like you, I prefer knitting...but there is something about amigurumi that I couldn't pass up.

I was wondering like the others....if maybe your chihuahua pattern was something you would like to share because I would like to make this one too....

Svannah (pink.biscotti@me.com)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:13 AM  

there is a book of knitted amigurumi (name: amigurumi!). they are adorable, and the patterns are very clear and KNITTED.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:08 PM  

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