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Getting Hooked
Friday, December 30, 2005

I have this silver charm bracelet that Kyle got me as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. It only has one charm, a lowercase "a", the kind of "a" with the hook on top and a curly little serif on the bottom. I like it because it's unusual. Most initial charms I've seen are uppercase. Anyway, it's one of the pieces of jewelry I never take off. There's really no reason to and I'd have to be a contortionist to get it on again by myself. I love this bracelet. But there is one small problem. The curly serif on the end acts like a fish hook. It gets caught on everything. I've actually ripped the charm off twice, both times because I got it caught in my radiator grill. But the most annoying thing about it is that it always gets caught in my knitting. I can't even tell you how many times I hooked a stitch and pulled it way out of alignment. And the hook part is big, so a whole entire stitch of bulky yarn can get caught in it. This also happens when I put on sweaters, which can really be a problem when you're halfway into a pullover and all of a sudden you can't move for fear of ripping the sweater or breaking the charm. And I don't even want to get into how many times I've gotten it stuck on my knitting machine.

So I thought, "Enough already!" and went back to the store on Wednesday. I had them put the "a" on a fancy silver necklace, then I picked out a charm for my bracelet. They had about forty to choose from, so it took a little while to examine them all. I narrowed it down to three: a martini glass, a little heart with a keyhole and a mini key, and a teeny tiny sweater. The martini glass was a little big. I had thoughts of falling asleep on it and waking up with a dent in my head. And even though people always give me martini-themed things, I thought it was a bit silly to get one as a charm. I really liked the little sweater, but I didn't want to pigeonhole myself into a crafty charm. It's too much like my high school class ring with the painter's palette and brush. Too specific. And with the way my sweaters never fit, I thought it might curse me to a lifetime of ill fitting hand knits. So I went with the "key to my heart". It's really very cute. Sweet. But there is one small problem: the key keeps getting caught in my knitting! And it's not an entire strand of yarn that gets caught, it's maybe one ply that gets hooked and shredded. I give up. I think I'm gonna go back and get the little sweater.

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